Holiday Decorating

Most people don’t start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving….but, when you own a showroom that is open up to the public….ya have to start a bit earlier! And since I am also hired to help my clients design for the holidays, I have to start early to get my own home and showroom done between everyone else’s homes.

The first thing I start with is: 

—-deciding on a “color theme” (which actually starts in January). I always find something “inspiring” to set my color theme.  It could be a painting, a pillow and a lot of times it is a ribbon. I just never know….I tend not to “follow trends”, so that can make it a bit more difficult to find items. But the main colors that I always use throughout my decorating every year is: silver, white, bronze & clear. The reason why is that no matter what the “Main Color theme” is for the year….these colors will always go with it.

The main color theme for my kitchen this year is “BLUEBERRY”blue ice painting

My Gathering Room this year is only silver, gold and whites
(based on this painting I bought for my entry way.)santa painting

—-deciding on a “vignette theme”  Now this one changes from area to area of the home just like my color theme. In my kitchen area I tend to go with fruits, flowers, etc….and then I like to add in an animal (such as a deer, owl, etc.).  My main tree is mainly filled with only stem picks and round ball ornaments.  (I will talk more about decorating trees in my next post.)

xmas 10

Once I have the color and vignette theme decided, then I move to what I decorate first— 

THE CHRISTMAS TREES! (I will explain why in my next post).

from our home to yours….xoxo debi